Neel Patel

FrontEnd Developer

I'm a front end web developer with an affinity for creating solutions people need. Whether it’s a mobile application, or a web application, I love opening my eyes to challenges, and building a pathway to a solution. I want to bring my technical skills and knack for research to help a forward-thinking company build user-friendly web applications to solve society's big problems without fear.

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Welcome to my portfolio!

I'm Neel

I’m a Front-end developer from Toronto.

My Skills

My Projects

Juno Finance

Juno finance is a fully responsive stock tracking application built using React JS. Search any publicly traded company for up to the minute information on its stock price.

Film Buff

Agency style react project created in a group of five. Film Buff is a movie recommendation application that helps movie enthusiasts find foreign films that are similar to their favourite English movies.

NBA Fantasy App

Built using jQuery and Javascript with my pair programming partner Aushvin. It makes a number of API calls to retrieve player information, statistics and headshots, then runs through our sorting algorithm and formulates the most efficient lineup.

Boat Ride Adventures

A fully responsive multi-page PSD conversion using CSS and SASS.